if you click "Choose Model", you are shown their products, then you click one, it shows the models, then you click one of htose and you can get more info.

This is just an example but a lot of driver sites have this.

I don't need it for drivers or anything computer related and I don't mean the lightbox aspect, but a client would like to have an interactive flow chart with this type of structure.

Basically, he has it broken down into 6 parent categories, and depending on which you select, you are presented up to 15 variables. Seven of these variables lead into sub-variables of knowledge/risk (4 choices). The other variables result in a blurb of choices, such as external links to resources or into sub-variables which also lead into a blurb of choices.

Like the dell site, for example, you select your hardware category (i.e. laptop), then that leads to the models column, and that leads to a link to the support section for that model.

Any ideas as to how I do this or if there are prebuilt scripts that I can modify and build on?

I have found the chained select box script which is good but I think I need something a bit more deep. I would pay for this script if it is as described.

Thanks guys.