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Thread: PHP: registration & login

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    Cool PHP: registration & login

    I'am a php noob so please apologize if this may sound too simple to be bothered with but what I would like to do is setup a simple registration and login script that lets registered members post notes. I remember seeing this on the Itt-tech website when I was going to school where when i was logged in and wanted to post notes ((that only I could read) simple <TEXTAREA> and save button) on certain articles.

    I have a site that is home to 200-odd some research papers and commentary and I get a lot of college students and armchair researchers on my site and I just think it would be nice to have an easy little 'notepad' on each page. Whatever they type in their personal notepad would be accessable only to them, only viewable to them once they login.

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    ps: i prefer flat-file 'databasing' but I could learn a little MySQL syntax to make this work.

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    I'd go with learning mysql to do this. And for each user have there own field. As for the login, is pretty good I've heard.
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