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    Default Looking for a search function that will allow

    Well I have been trying deferent search engines for my Tarantula database and I haven't really come up with anything that will allow me to submit Tarantulas to my web page using their scientific name but also allow them to be search able by color, size, housing type, old world, new world, humidity, male, female and/or anything else I would want to search them by.

    There are 800+ different types of Tarantulas and 99% of the time, you decided you want a big or small one or a blue one before you find out what color they all are.

    Now the good news is I have found a website that has a function that does just want I need it to do. But the bad news is that I don't know enough about whatever type of code they are using to search for it or even find out what the search engine is called.

    Would any of you be willing to look at this website and give me some of the details on the search function so I can try and recreate it on my site?

    Well ya see there is a catch to it. Its an adult site so if you would be willing to help me out please send me a pm and i'll give you the details.

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    Don't know about whatever site that you've found, but this sounds like a pretty straightforward PHP/MySQL implementation.

    Bascially, set up a SQL table with all the info you want to filter by. Then use some queries to spit out the results that you want. might be a good start.

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