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Thread: How to combine FCS with suckerfish menu?

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    Question Featured Content Slider V2 working with suckertree menu?

    1) Script Title: Featured Content Slider v2.0

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:
    Is it in principle possible to have pagination links inside a 2-level suckertree/suckerfish menu (in fact, any 2-level CSS menu would do it for me)?

    I would like the pagination links behave like 2-level suckertree menus. If I select an item in a sub-menu, the slider would display the referenced content, but would go directly to the target section.

    The 'activités' content contains 4 different activities. A suckertree menu would display the activities headers on the second level. Selecting a sub-menu item would show the activities content directly at the corresponding section.

    If having targets inside a content div is not possible, then maybe an alternative would be to have 1 sub-menu item: 'show all', which would show the full content as now, and 4 additional sub-menu items with the individual activities, each activity would then show up separately (this would probably need to have separate content divs for each activity in addition to the full content).

    Thanks in advance for any hint!
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