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Thread: Help with creating a simple php script

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    Default Help with creating a simple php script

    now I'm fairly new to the whole php stuff have been a xhtml/html person for years, also knowing sql/mysql for about 2-3yrs I have basic knowledge about this but I was curious, how I would go about creating a script for php that would example like myspace where you hit "edit" in the box you want to edit the text and it would take you to a page to edit the text in that selected area you wanted, then would automaticlly change when the user hits submit, I know its simple but I don't seem to know lol :P

    Any help with this would be greatly appericated

    edit* I suppose it'd be very similiar to a comments script expect the user gets to edit the text area to their liking, when they select "edit" for the website.
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    Well, this is the same basic setup as a comment script. The only difference is that rather than adding a new bit of text to the page, it overwrites the old one (stored in a text file, or the database).

    You can look into a full CMS (content management system) as well.

    Since you're not asking a very specific question, that's about all I can say for now. If you search through some of the older threads around here, you'll find lots of examples for various situations, though, I think.
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