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Thread: adobe cs4 is running on a 32-bit PC ?

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    Default adobe cs4 is running on a 32-bit PC ?

    adobe cs4 is running on a 32-bit PC ? I mean web premium CS4 ? When about it will get to market the non beta release(normal/official) of this ?

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    Yes, Adobe CS4 will be available on a 64-bit and 32-bit for Windows. Mac users only get the 32-bit version. I know this is true for Photoshop, at least. Probably true for the other apps in the Creative Suite. The reason?

    Photoshop is built with the Carbon API. Apple stopped supporting the 64-bit Carbon API last summer, therefore practically mandating that all 64-bit applications be made with Cocoa. Adobe was planning to build CS4 in Carbon and then port to Cocoa for CS5. Now, they're just going to release the 64-bit ported to Cocoa in the CS5 release.

    Based on their general CS release cycle, I'd estimate that CS4 would release anywhere between October of this year to March of next year. Adobe execs have vehemently denied that it will release in October so the probable timeline probably gets pushed back some.

    As far as I know, there are no official announcements on when the official release will happen.


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