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    Hi again. I came up with a way around my previous problem that nobody seemed to have an answer two, but with this new plan I have yet another question. I'm going to be selling files digitally through paypal, where when the customer makes the purchase and is returned to my site, they will recieve an email with a username and password with which they can access the file they wish to download.

    So how can I see to it that the customer did in fact make the purchase before my site sends them an email? Like...does Paypal send any variables over to my "Thank You" page or anything? The "Thank You" page that Paypal returns the customer to will involve a PHP Script that assigns the user a username, password, and another variable that allows me to determine what song to let them download. So I'll need proof that they did purchase the item, and what item they did purchase.

    Any ideas? I really need help on this so if you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    You should consult the Paypal docs for this. It's all clearly documented and explained there. What you're looking for, specifically, is information on the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification).

    More information on this is here:


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