Hello all, I'm new to javascripts and have only learnt how to code javascript popups. I run a new online radio station and i need the listeners who is playing when they enter the site. I have a seperate Dj panel where only the Dj's and staff can enter and in here i want to add a page for dj's where they can submit the name of there show or something like that, and once they click on the submit button it will be displayed on the home page in a certain area wrapped in a marquee source code and then will stay displayed untill it is updated again by the next dj, (I've been looking at javascripts called 'onclick' but don't know if this is correct). I hope you can help me on this, i have spent about a week in front of the pc trying to sort this but can seem to find out or figure it out at all. thanks alot, hope to hear from someone soon.