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Thread: Updating Daily Gallery

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    Default Updating Daily Gallery

    I need a script for the following:

    I wish to add this to a website to provide simulated updating content.

    Basically, I want to be able to define the number of columns, rows, thumb

    size and associated date with each thumb.

    I want a grid of around 5 rows and 5 columns. each thumb has a size of

    around 100x100. (26 thumbs showing each day)
    Above the grid I want the option to place a "new arrival" thumb in a special
    area above the grid.

    But basically the main focus of this is I want I want to have a 365 gifs
    with hyperlinks to html pages.

    Each gif/html is supposed to be set for a specific day. For example, gif1
    would be Janurary 1, gif2 would be Janurary 2, so on..

    Each image should have the associated date printed under the thumbnail to
    show the thumb is "new". As a new thumb rotates in, the oldest one rotates
    out. I have seen time based cycling scripts for html, but it all begins with a predetermined first page. I need a script that will begin when the user loads the page to be the gallery selection for that day. And it needs to be specific for the date online, so the date has to be retrieved from an online resource for getting the date. This will eliminate the user from simply changing their system clock to change the gallery contents.

    I have no clue how to use sql, but i think a database will be needed for
    this. The concept sounds simple, I just do not have any idea how to start
    the process of making this work. This is why I came to you.

    This is the only thing I have not figured out. I hope someone here is
    intelligent enough to help me out. I am not expecting a full script, but rather maybe partials which can work in both FF and IE. Additionally, I would like any help on how to make it all work.

    My contact is Thanks for any help and support. I am sure this can pose a certain challenge for some of you who say you are decent coders. I have everything else complete after 3 years of work. I just need this one thing to help me get my work online.


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    bump. please, someone must know something about this. i see random gen scripts for this stuff posted on the forum, but i dont know anything about coding, and want to learn. i dunno if i need php, javascript, html, dhtml, or what.. please just help me with something easy with instructions so i can try to adapt it for what i need. thank you for at least looking.


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