Hello Folks,
Well !! I am quite new to programming and hence wanted some help.

I maintain a small HTML file with some JavaScripts on it that is used by a call center staff to generate custom interaction notes to document customers accounts.

I am planning to take this one step further by providing a functionality to setup Reminders (i guess this can be possible by using custom java script embeded in HTML). The function that this reminder would have is to allow the user to select a date and time, enter a phone number in a text box and enter description in a description box and save it (would be nice if multiple such tasks could be saved), when there are 2 mins remaining for the time for the task the system should bring up a POPUP message stating the time for the callback, the phone number and the description. the user should have 2 options namely OK and Snooze, when snooze is clicked the user should be able to select a time frame from a drop down this can be 5 - 10 or 15 mins and when saved the existing task entry should get updated and the popup should reappear 2 mins prior to the callback time. When OK is clicked the entry would be deleted from the list completely.

it would be really nice to have this sort of a functionality. I am waiting in anticipation.
Thanks for reading thru and intending to help.