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Thread: Collect local information e.g. username

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    Default Collect local information e.g. username

    I don't think it's possible but...

    I've got a PHP script that inputs searches into a database.

    As i'm only using this script for a local intranet site i would like to be able to tell whos PC searches are coming from.
    i.e by the windows username or the local IP address (e.g.

    The search part of the site is hosted remotely, is there anyway to collect data from within our LAN?

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    You can't get the window's username, but you can certainly track IPs.

    I'm not sure if this would work with an intranet (though I see no reason why it shouldn't), but tracking IPs can be done by a number of statistics gather suites.

    You *might* even be able to use something like Google Analytics to track only the search page. As long as your server allows for this kind of communication, it should work.

    I must admit, though, I'm not very familiar with the server issues of an intranet vs. the internet. If it were a regular, publicly accessible website, what I suggest would work.

    Hope that gets you started.


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