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Thread: [DHTML] Dotgyan - Live Search enhancement tool for selected text on a webpage

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    Hey Viny...

    Just wondering...
    Have you seen the similar functionality on I just noticed it today and thought of your script.

    I don't have anything more to add, just wanted to point it out. It's different in functionality and execution but it's kind of similar.

    If you double click on any work, it comes up with a new window with a definition/thesaurus/search/encyclopedia entry for that work throughout the New York Times (at least in FF 2). Kind of cool, I thought. Not that useful as you can only pick one word. If they combined what you have with what they have (or if you did), I think it would be a winning combination and something I'd very much consider implementing in some online journals we manage.

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    I actually think that Viny's is better, although it'd be easier to use if the graphics weren't as bad.
    Jeremy |

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    Thanks Medyman. Thanks Nile.

    Actually this was my first DHTML code and I still don't know many of the things.
    I just started learning it for fun and I am really excited about it now.
    I will be really thankful to you if you guys can guide me or give some help on how to proceed further for becoming a good DHTML coder.

    Nile, since I have no experience on the UI and graphics stuff, I will be thankful if you can tell me a bit more specifically what you think, should be changed in the graphics and some advice for how to do that. I'll be more than happy to learn from you.

    Medyman, I'll work on combining the two things. Though for next 2-3 months I'll not be working on it much due to other commitments.


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