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Thread: Oval Sliding Door Buttons with Form Submit buttons?

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    Default Oval Sliding Door Buttons with Form Submit buttons?


    1. How can I adapted the oval button sliding door technique to work with form submit buttons?

    2. Also, when I use the buttons I can't get them to center because IE gets forced into quirks mode by an include that I can't remove/change.

    Is there another way to center them, like... resorting to putting them into a centered table? Ahhhh! ;-)

    Thanks in advance!


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    2. Can't be sure without looking at your page/code. There is this alternate method to do the same thing. It *might* work better in your circumstance.

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    Default still swiming in it.

    I'm still swiming in this. CSS is just not very natural to me after a couple years of using it but never seeming to really know it.

    1. Here is the submit button Im trying to style:

    <INPUT type=submit value="Continue Shopping" name=continue>

    2. If I use the alturnate method:

    Do I just add the <button> tag around my other like this?

    <button><span class="round"><span><INPUT type=submit value="Continue Shopping" name=continue></span></span></button>

    3. Also, The buttons don't hover. If i try to add hover to them like this:

    /*button tag*/

    button {
    border:0; border:none; background:transparent; width:1; overflow:visible; white-space:nowrap; padding:0 2px; cursorointer; cursor:hand;}

    button:hover {background-position:right -155px;}
    button:hover span {background-position: left -155px;}

    They hover but the right side end of the button is missing the rounded corners on hover only (like the left site comes clear accross and covers them up. I can't seem to fix that.

    4. Also, this method uses a "button" tag, not a form "input" tag... I don't understand the difference or pro/con's of using that instead of "input" tags, or if I can use a button tag anytime there is a input tag? added to it? Will this work with my form? (I don't program or do much with forms, I have code provided that I'm trying to format but it uses submit NOT button tags).

    Thanks very much for trying to help me.
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