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    I’ve come across a tool to add to sites I do that translates everything free (, only downside is a link back to the providing site – that I can see of anyway?? Anybody used it or know how good it is??
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    You can determine if you like how it looks and functions, so I won't comment.

    Overall, it has a large number of languages compared to some with even a few options not to or from English.

    It's algorithm appears to consider the overall phrase very little and just translate on a word by word basis. The dictionary also isn't that great.

    I've seen much better translations for Italian and Spanish, and somewhat better ones for German. Arabic is not as common to find, so that's nice, and this may be somewhat comparable to Google's, but I'll be clear that both are messed up.

    I've tested in in 4 languages with which I have reasonable proficiency.

    Spanish and Italian are not terrible but very awkward translations. If you said only what it spits out to someone, they could probably understand you, but you could NOT sound native. Even French>Spanish is awkward.

    German seems to work a little better, mostly because you can translate a bit more literally from English. However, as with the romance languages, things that don't work the same way in English get odd, such as "I would...".

    Arabic is just messed up. It's a very different language, and I have yet to find a decent translator, though, so at least this has it. That's a good thing.

    So-- conclusion:
    It's free, and it has good features. The translation is better than some, but not near the top. You can probably find something better, but this wouldn't be the worst option, anyway. Really, though, I'm not sure what practical use it has.

    Personally I study a lot of languages so this sort of thing interests me, but online translators are near worthless in most cases for actual communication and producing something intelligible. If you have absolutely no idea what something says it can help, and I personally do use them a lot, but only as a very fast dictionary. I hardly ever translate more than a single word (unless I'm bored and looking for a good laugh).

    And now for one more test. One sign that a translator messed up a lot is when you translate into another language and then back, and it doesn't resemble what you put in originally. I'll be using this phrase, just some basic things to say:
    "Hello. How are you? I would like to buy some bread. I am forty-two years old. Today is nice."
    After translating to another language, then back, I get:
    From Arabic:
    Hello. How formation of you? I liked to some bread buys. I [Fort - [tww
    From German:
    Hello. How are you? I would like to buy something bread. I am old forty two the years. Today's day is nice.
    From Italian:
    Hello. How you are? I would want to buy a sure bread. To have years of forty-two. The today is pleasant.

    And, yes, after that, this is really awful. It's not just that it can't accept strange input form users, but even the output it generates doesn't translate well. Plus, it doesn't consistently translate structures. At least if something went badly into one language, it should come back into English correctly. Consider "big cat" into spanish as "grande gato" (which should be "gato grande"). Even with that mistake, it would still be reversed correctly-- back to "big cat".

    At this point, I consider this translator nearly worthless, even for single word translations because it's dictionary is very weird.
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