Hi i have the following code i have
<div id="icePage_SearchBoxTop_IE7DownloadControl_AddToolbar" class="iE7TBDownload">
<img src="http://twitoosearch.com/images/search.png" id="icePage_SearchBoxTop_IE7DownloadControl_DwldImageWrapper" usemap="#ie7_search_Map" alt="Twitoosearch bar" style="margin: 0pt; padding: 0pt;" border="0" height="40" width="215" />
<map id="ImageMap" name="ie7_search_Map"><area shape="rect" alt="Add It Now!" coords="0,0,163,39" href="#" onclick="addSearch('http://twitoosearch.com/twitoosearch.xml');return false" /><area shape="rect" alt="Add It Now!" coords="163,0,214,17" href="#" onclick="addSearch('http://www.twitoosearch.com/twitoosearch.xml');return false" /><area shape="RECT" alt="Close X" coords="163,17,214,39" href="#" onclick="closeOption();return false" />
What i would like to do is if some one closes the box i would like it to stay closed each time they load the page for 2 weeks.