I have a web project and I hesitate what technology to choose !
Here's the problem:

The content of a site (site1, not mine) must be incorporated into another site (site2, mine). Site1 will be shown in a tab of site2. Until here, it's easy, just use Iframe or object of html.

In addition, we must manage the user clicks (prohibit and redirect click).

-- The ideal is to be able to intercept the pages of site1, modify before displaying them, with that we can do all modifications. But everything must be done on the client machine (not on the site2 server). I doubt that it is impossible, except possibly make a browser!

-- The second solution is not to modify pages, let full view and manage only the cliques (eg not allow access to a set of links and redirect others).

The first solution is really interesting and let me think to java, but I am really not java user then I can not even evaluate the difficulty of the thing.

A council, a remark or information ... Everything is welcome. sorry for my bad english and thank you.

Note: I know that displays the contents of site1 on pages of site2 requires approval by the site1 administrator .