I wanted to ask if I could get some help with a couple of Flash questions. My first question is at what speed should flvs be encoded for folks with a dsl connection? I use Flash Video MX Pro as a video to flv converter, and I have the following options:

High quality with video bit rate of 127
Medium quality with video bit rate of 98
Low quality with video bit rate of 56
Custom with a video bit rate of my choosing

When I encode a video with high quality and a bit rate of 127, and then start the conversion of the file, it shows the file converting at a rate of 250 and trending down to 160 at completion. I donít understand what is going on.

Secondly, I have created several flvs with an initial thumbnail showing rather than seeing a black box prior to starting the flv. Recently, when trying to create flvs with a thumbnail and importing into the web page using Dreamweaver, the static thumbnail doesnít show, just the black box; however, when the play button is clicked the flv plays fine. Iím including a link with two different flvs to give you an example of what Iím talking about ... www.theschoolmaster.org/testpage.html. Has anyone experienced this and if so, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help and time. By the way, I really appreciate the forums you provide. Thanks!