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Thread: New window open in JavaScript

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    Default New window open in JavaScript

    I am using this dynamic drive menu scrip and for the life of me cannot figure out how to make a menu item open in a new window....the text was too long to include all of the script so i had to shorten.....PLEASE help!!!

    var NoOffFirstLineMenus=8;			// Number of first level items
    	var LowBgColor='#5A75A7';			// Background color when mouse is not over
    	var LowSubBgColor='#D4DEE9';			// Background color when mouse is not over on subs
    	var HighBgColor='#1B4186';			// Background color when mouse is over
    	var HighSubBgColor='#9EB3D8';			// Background color when mouse is over on subs
    	var FontLowColor='#9EB3DB';			// Font color when mouse is not over
    	var FontSubLowColor='#5A75A7';			// Font color subs when mouse is not over
    	var FontHighColor='#9EB3DB';			// Font color when mouse is over
    	var FontSubHighColor='#1B4186';			// Font color subs when mouse is over
    	var BorderColor='A4ACB4';			// Border color
    	var BorderSubColor='#1B4186';			// Border color for subs
    	var BorderWidth=1;				// Border width
    	var BorderBtwnElmnts=1;			// Border between elements 1 or 0
    	var FontFamily="Verdana"	// Font family menu items
    	var FontSize=10;				// Font size menu items
    	var FontBold=0;				// Bold menu items 1 or 0
    	var FontItalic=0;				// Italic menu items 1 or 0
    	var MenuTextCentered='center';			// Item text position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
    	var MenuCentered='left';			// Menu horizontal position 'left', 'center' or 'right'
    	var MenuVerticalCentered='top';		// Menu vertical position 'top', 'middle','bottom' or static
    	var ChildOverlap=.02;				// horizontal overlap child/ parent
    	var ChildVerticalOverlap=.2;			// vertical overlap child/ parent
    	var StartTop=80;				// Menu offset x coordinate
    	var StartLeft=2;				// Menu offset y coordinate
    	var VerCorrect=0;				// Multiple frames y correction
    	var HorCorrect=0;				// Multiple frames x correction
    	var LeftPaddng=0;				// Left padding
    	var TopPaddng=2;				// Top padding
    	var FirstLineHorizontal=1;			// SET TO 1 FOR HORIZONTAL MENU, 0 FOR VERTICAL
    	var MenuFramesVertical=0;			// Frames in cols or rows 1 or 0
    	var DissapearDelay=1000;			// delay before menu folds in
    	var TakeOverBgColor=1;			// Menu frame takes over background color subitem frame
    	var FirstLineFrame='navig';			// Frame where first level appears
    	var SecLineFrame='space';			// Frame where sub levels appear
    	var DocTargetFrame='space';			// Frame where target documents appear
    	var TargetLoc='';				// span id for relative positioning
    	var HideTop=0;				// Hide first level when loading new document 1 or 0
    	var MenuWrap=1;				// enables/ disables menu wrap 1 or 0
    	var RightToLeft=0;				// enables/ disables right to left unfold 1 or 0
    	var UnfoldsOnClick=0;			// Level 1 unfolds onclick/ onmouseover
    	var WebMasterCheck=0;			// menu tree checking on or off 1 or 0
    	var ShowArrow=0;				// Uses arrow gifs when 1
    	var KeepHilite=1;				// Keep selected path highligthed
    	//var Arrws=['tri.gif',5,10,'tridown.gif',10,5,'trileft.gif',5,10];	// Arrow source, width and height
    function BeforeStart(){return}
    function AfterBuild(){return}
    function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
    function AfterCloseAll(){return}
    // Menu tree
    //	MenuX=new Array(Text to show, Link, background image (optional), number of sub elements, height, width);
    //	For rollover images set "Text to show" to:  "rollover:Image1.jpg:Image2.jpg"
    //Menu1=new Array("Home","","",0,20,138);
    Menu1=new Array("Program Manuals","","",8,20,120);
    	Menu1_1=new Array("General Maintenance Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/GMMMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);	
    		//Menu2_1_1=new Array("Dog","","",0,20,150);
    		//Menu2_1_2=new Array("Cat","","",0);
    		//Menu2_1_3=new Array("Other","","",0);
                    //Menu2_1_4=new Array("CBSNews","","",0);
                    //Menu2_1_5=new Array("Canadian News","","",2);
                              //Menu2_1_5_1=new Array("Vancouver Sun","","",0,20,150);
                              //Menu2_1_5_2=new Array("CTV News","","",0);
    	//Menu1_2=new Array("Operations Specifications","","",2,20,315);
    		//Menu1_2_1=new Array("Air Operator","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/MASTERALLAPPENDIX.pdf","",0,20,170);
    		//Menu1_2_2=new Array("Repair Station","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/RepairStationOpsSpecs.pdf","",0,20,170);
    		//Menu2_2_3=new Array("Wired News","","",0);
    	Menu1_2=new Array("Repair Station/Quality Control Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/RSMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);
    		//Menu2_2_1=new Array("TechWeb","","",0,20,200);
    		//Menu2_2_2=new Array("","","",0);
    		//Menu2_2_3=new Array("Wired News","","",0);	
    	Menu1_3=new Array("Repair Station Training Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/TRAININGRSMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);
    	Menu1_4=new Array("Maintenance Reliability Program Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/RELIABILITYMASTERALL.PDF","",0,20,315);
    	Menu1_5=new Array("Electro Static Discharge Control Program Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/ESDCPMMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);
    	Menu1_6=new Array("AS9110/ISO9001 Quality Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/ISOMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);
    	Menu1_7=new Array("Environmental & Safety Operations Manual","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/SAFETYMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,315);
    	Menu1_8=new Array("Standard For Technical Issuance Manuals","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/STANDARD FOR TI MANUALS.pdf","",0,20,315);
    Menu2=new Array("Technical Manuals","","",6,20,130);
    	Menu2_1=new Array("Aircraft Manuals","","",5,20,200);
    		Menu2_1_1=new Array("CL-601","U:/avn300/TechPubs/CL601Aircraft.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_1_2=new Array("CL-604","U:/avn300/TechPubs/CL604Aircraft.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_1_3=new Array("Learjet 60","U:/avn300/TechPubs/Lear60Aircraft.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_1_4=new Array("BE-300","U:/avn300/TechPubs/BE300Aircraft.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_1_5=new Array("BAe 125-800A","U:/avn300/TechPubs/BAeAircraft.html","",0,20,140);
    	Menu2_2=new Array("Engine Manuals","","",4,20,200);
    		Menu2_2_1=new Array("CL-601","U:/avn300/TechPubs/CL601Engine.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_2_2=new Array("CL-604","U:/avn300/TechPubs/CL604Engine.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_2_3=new Array("Learjet 60","U:/avn300/TechPubs/Learjet60Engine.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_2_4=new Array("BE-300","U:/avn300/TechPubs/BE300Engine.html","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_3=new Array("Aircraft Accessories Manuals","","",6,20,200);
    		Menu2_3_1=new Array("CL-601","U:/avn300/TechPubs/CL601Accessories.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_3_2=new Array("Learjet 60","U:/avn300/TechPubs/Lear60Accessories.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_3_3=new Array("BE-300","U:/avn300/TechPubs/BE300Accessories.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_3_4=new Array("BAe 125-800A","U:/avn300/TechPubs/BAeAccessories.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_3_5=new Array("C-90","U:/avn300/TechPubs/C90Accessories.html","",0,20,140);
    		Menu2_3_6=new Array("F-90","U:/avn300/TechPubs/F90Accessories.html","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_4=new Array("Equipment Manuals","U:/avn300/TechPubs/AircraftEquipment.html","",0,20,200);
    Menu2_5=new Array("Work Content Documents","","",5,20,200);
    Menu2_5_1=new Array("CL-604","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4102.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    //Menu2_5_2=new Array("Learjet 60","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4107.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_5_2=new Array("CL-601","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4109.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_5_3=new Array("BAe 125-800A","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4125.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_5_4=new Array("Beech 300","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4128.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_5_5=new Array("Learjet 60","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/WorkContent/4107.1 Combined Master.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_6=new Array("Southwest Region AAIP","","",3,20,200);
    Menu2_6_1=new Array("F-90","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/AAIPF90MASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_6_2=new Array("C-90","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/AAIPC90MASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu2_6_3=new Array("A200","U:/AVN300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/Program Manuals/A200MASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,140);
    Menu3=new Array("ATA Codes","","",2,20,80);
    	Menu3_1=new Array("Detailed","U:/avn300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/ATACODEMASTERALL.pdf","",0,20,150);
    	Menu3_2=new Array("Quick Reference","U:/avn300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/ATAQUIC.pdf","",0);
    	//Menu3_3=new Array("FAQ","faq.htm","",0);
    //Menu4=new Array("Alert Directives","","",1,20,160);
    	//Menu4_1=new Array("Beech Model 300","U:/avn300/TechPubs/SupportingFilesForNav/SC251.pdf","",0,20,160);
    	//Menu3_2=new Array("ARR Status Report","M:/Web/Reports/ARRStatusReport.pdf","",0);
    Menu4=new Array("Alert Directives","U:/avn300/TechPubs/Alerts.html","",0,20,110);
    Edit: MOD Edit: Added [code] tags. For future reference, please wrap your code in [code] tags.

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    Can we see a link?
    Jeremy |

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    ok....not links but menu url's....sorry.....i was wanting the menu url's to open in a new window.....

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    Give the link of the script you are using in the dynamicdrive

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    i down loaded the menu several years ago and cannot find now on site....the file was called examplemen_var.js......


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    correction on file name....examplemenu_var.js


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