I am trying to create a thumbnail image of an image being uploaded, but for some reason it fails to create the thumbnail but uploads the original image. Here is the code I am using:
PHP Code:
$pic $play_upload_path.$filename;
$width$height) = getimagesize($pic);
$filename1 "thumb_".$filename;
$new_name $play_upload_path.$filename1;
$newImage $filename1;
$new_width 50;
$new_height 50;
$image_p imagecreatetruecolor($new_width$new_height);
$image imagecreatefromjpeg($pic);
$thumb $play_upload_path.$filename1
When I run the script, I get this error:
Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to open '*site url*/select_effect/players/thumb_1990_iroc-z-side.jpg' for writing in *site url*/select_effect/cms/players.php on line 210
For some reason it can not open the thumbnail image file, but I do not know why it is opening instead of creating the image. Any ideas?