I wonder if anyone could help me with the following:-

I have two tables within a single database and I am trying to write a query where I can "add" data together from different rows/columns in order to aquire an overall total

I have two tables (Its for a sports team site that will show statistics per season - no. of appearances etc)

I have a number of records in each and want to the query to show the following data from both tables

Surname, FrApps, TrnApps, LgeApps, TotalApps

Below is the query I am currently working with (tried many this is the latest attempt):
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SELECT DISTINCTROW 2008Season.Surname, SUM (2008Season.TrnApps+2007Season.TrnApps) AS TrnApps
FROM 2008Season, 2007Season
GROUP BY 2008Season.TotApps

/But this give the overall total for the "TrnApps" rows within the tables and not per Player....
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I have tried UNION, JOINS, SUBQUERIES but am unsure which to use as I am trying to add data from each table per record as the way I am doing it never seems to produce the correct data.

Any help would be appreciated in which way is the best to do it and any links to good tutorials etc would be just as good.