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    Default Website Help!

    Hiya, Im Dannii
    Im a newbie to flash and I've seached high and low for help and tutorials for what I want to do with my website.

    - It's my flash site will be have a full background image (which i've worked out how to do!)
    - Has a rounded rectangle in the middle (which will have my wordpress entries in - just becoz i'm waiting for FlashPress to be released and I want my site up and yesterday lol)
    - The rest of layout will be done after Ive designed the preloader (it's a working progress - i know how i want the whole site to be its just a case of learning and finding tutorials of how to do each part)

    1st thing I need help with: Preloader...
    - "Ajax Style" preloader BUT for flash
    - Something like... these
    - But in flash like...

    I know im new to this, and yes its probably a bit too advanced for me but I know with help / tutorials I can do it.
    Please if anyone can help me make this in flash i'd be ever so grateful!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Start with a basic preloader. You can view a tutorial I wrote on it in this thread

    From there we can add animation and graphics, but you should learn the basics first.

    Welcome to DD forums! Hope you learn a lot!
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