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Thread: non inherited selectors

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    Default non inherited selectors

    I was working on skinning a CSS XHTML site. I'm trying to add a branding to the banner portion of the website. It already contains two elements on the banner.

    My problem is that the third <div> which I'd like to float to the left, as with the other banner elements stays in the flow of the document. Dreamweaver will not let me float the div to the left or set certain margin or padding properties because, in spite of the fact, that a sibling div which is floated to the left and has margin and padding properties set.

    When I try to add my text chunk (my div) to the banner, Dreamweaver crosses out a variety of selectors including float, top-padding, margin's, etc.

    For some specific rules, Dreamweaver states "It does not apply to your selection because it is not inherited. It is applied to a closing tag".

    Again, this befuddles me because a sibling Dreamweaver div doesn't receive these limitations, but again, I'm a newbie, and I would much appreciate any help, as obvious as the problem may be.


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    I am not familiar with Dreamweaver CS3, however this seems like a case of a WYSIWYG editor glitch.

    If you draw out the layout (diagram) in an image program of the basic blocks that you would like, one of us here can help you design the layout accordingly.
    Now on that note, you shouldn't be using the XHTML DOCTYPE because it is not supported by IE. Look into the HTML 4.01 Strict DOCTYPE



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