Hi all,

I am designing a new web site with Ajax but I can not run javascripts on the page that is included with Ajax. I need to use some photo effects with js but all the site has been designed with ajax. Thus, I don't have any problem about including ajax but when I try to use a js on page It fails.

Let's make it more clear. I want to use

High slide Js (http://vikjavev.no/highslide/download.php)

on my page where

http://www.maks.com.tr/deltek/turkish.html# click the "Teknoloji" link on the left panel and then click red color "YYS nedir ?" on main page.

What is the best way to use js on ajax included pages?

I tried googling but not satisfied and I am almost finished the site but couldn't solve this problem. Anyone to help me?