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Thread: a little assistance please

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    Question a little assistance please

    hello, i have a button that opens a new page full screen but i would like the button to also close the first window whilst it still opens the new window, please can you tell me how to do this, i tried this already

    <input type="button" onClick="window.close(),fullwin('link goes here')" value="ENTER HERE"> </p>

    it seems to work when its on my pc, but as soon as i upload it, it wont work, what am i doing wrong, or is there another way


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    Arrow Solution

    Hi LJ,

    Use this code instead, it works fine in IExplorer.

    function go() {
    window.close();"", '', 'fullscreen=yes, menubar=1, toolbar=1, scrollbars=1');
    <input type="button" onClick="go();" value="ENTER HERE"> </p>
    This script should work for all javascript browsers. Replace with your desired target page.

    Here's a description of different variables you can use to customize a new window. Put these if required where the variables menubar=1 etc are, separate them with a comma.

    width (number) = The width of the new window in pixels
    height (number) = The height of the new window in pixels
    left (number) = The location where the left side of the window should appear
    top (number) = The location where the top of the window should appear
    location (yes/no) = Controls whether the browser should display the browser r
    menubar (yes/no) = Controls whether the browser should display the menu bar
    resizable (yes/no) = Allows the user to resize the browser window
    scrollbars (yes/no) = Controls whether horizontal or vertical scrollbars are shown
    status (yes/no) = Controls the display of the status bar (the area at the bottom of the browser)
    toolbar (yes/no) = Controls whether the browser should display the toolbar that contains the back/forward/etc buttons
    fullscreen (yes/no) = If yes, opens the window to the full size of the screen. [IE 4+ only]

    Hope this helps
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