Here is the goal problem to solve. I have an application that I have to create for a photographer who wants a client to be able to check his availability. Here is how is should work:

The photographer has a simple data entry page (completed) which he enters numeric data into a MySQL database using the following fields:

Month: numeric, 2 digits
Day: Numeric, 2 digits
Year: Numeric, 4 digits

Very simple on that end. This is completed tested and is working. I admittedly used the commands in dreamweaver to make this quickly and easily.

Now, what I am working on creating and not having a ton of luck on, using dreamweaver cs3, I need to create the search for the client to use.

The search should actually work backwards. When the user enters the data, and the data is FOUND in the database, it should return a "sorry, not available" message.

If the data is NOT FOUND, then it should return a message and a FORM that the user can fill out which will only send an email to the photographer.

The client is not to manipulate the database in any except for searching.

How would I start to create this in dreamweaver? I am a newbie at this stuff, I am "saavy" and can learn but need some mentoring here to get going. Anyone willing to try to give me a hand?

Thanks for the time you have taken to read this, I am looking forward to your responses.