I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post here requesting a full site construction for payment, but i've used this site for a long time for its script collection, and i guessed it would be the best place to start!

i'm looking to get a system coded, along the lines of the generic insurance/utility comparison sites like confuzed.com or uswitch.

the amount of data needed on the site would be very minimal compared to one of these examples that i have used - there would only be one or two products (with approximately 100 variations) that would need compared - the data for these would need to be retrieved from the specified websites or i would be able to manually enter it each day (preferably with some kind of parser that i can just copy/paste into)

there would be no e-commerce aspect, although it would be a brokering site, it would just link directly to the compared companies products.

if anybody has the expertise to take this on, or would like any further information on my request, then please send me a PM.