I use the code of CSS Fixed Layout #2.1- (Fixed-Fixed).

I've removed the "topsection" and the "footer" (I don't need them).

I've changed some width values
#maincontainer -> width: 625px; (instead of 840px)
#leftcolumn -> width: 140px; (instead of 200px)
#contentcolumn -> margin-left: 145px; (instead of 200px)

All looks good (check files in attachment).
But I have to place a border line between the two columns.
Thus I use a repeated image background (border_leftcol.jpg).
And I don't know why, but my border line appears on IE only... not on FF or Safari!
Do you know why? Could you help me to resolve this problem

If I use an image background, and not a DIV border value, it's because I want my border line be on the full page (from the top to the bottom of the browser window).
(if I add a DIV border value at the leftcolumn, the border will be equal the leftcolumn height only)
Do you know a good way to insert a border line on the full page?

Thanks for you great help!