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Thread: CSS versus Frames

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    Default CSS versus Frames

    I'm setting up a website for my boss that will have at least 4 pages. On each of the pages I'm going to have a box that displays links to an event in the future. This box will appear on each of the pages and display the exact same content. The trouble is that my boss, who is very CSS and HTML illiterate, is the one who will be updating this section.

    I would normally set this up as a div on each of the pages but I don't want my boss to have to update each one of the pages every time he adds a new link. If I use a frames layout, he will only have to update the one frame. However I was taught that frames are antiquated and CSS can do everything frames can do. Is there a CSS solution to my problem?

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    Default use php!

    If you have PHP on the web server you could include the newest event(s) like a template like this:
    <?php include("folder/events.html") ?>
    If you write this your boss has to change only one page for the events: the "events.html"!
    If your boss only needs to write text then you can simply include it like this!
       echo '<h5>upcoming event:</h5>';
       $tmpstring = include("folder/events.txt");
       echo htmlentities($tmpstring);
    good luck


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