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Thread: Code Request - Large Task Ahead

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    Default Code Request - Large Task Ahead

    I joined these forums literally a few minutes ago. I'm on a quest to find someone or some people who can enlighten me and possibly help me on my coding questions. The only code I know is html (so im a noob pretty much), and while I could learn new code I don't have the time at the moment nor do I actually know which code would be best for what I need.

    I'm going to be setting up a site, where votes need to be tallied and charts need to be updated automatically. It's pretty much a political simulation, with members vying for votes. Ideally this is what would happen.


    event : someone registers on site or forum / then : their profile(name) is added to a data base.

    That would be the first must have. After a person is registered and their name added to the database new options would open up for them. Now this site is going to be focused around voting for other people in the community. So the next thing I would need is some type of list, probably a drop down menu, with everyones name on it. This would be so people can select who they vote for. When they pick the person they want to vote for, a bar chart is updated showing everyone who has people voting for them and the amount of votes.

    event : person picks a name from the list to vote for / then : vote is tallied and a bar chart is updated

    Now that's the very simple, core of what I need. The advanced stuff, I think, is next.

    Now say person A has 5 people voting for him. But he votes for person B, I would need A's vote to count as 6. Because A has 5 people voting for him, when he decides to support B, all of A's votes get tallied under B instead of A. But if A changed his mind and voted for C, then those votes would move from B to C. I would need this to be able to repeat indefinitely.

    Political parties. This is another big part of what I need. If a person has a certain amount of votes, let's say 5. Then a new option opens up for them on their profile. They would need to be able to start a political party.

    event : user has 5+ votes / then : add menu option "create party"

    Now when they create their party, their profile will show it. So if A created party Yellow, when someone viewed his profile it would say Leader of Yellow Party. Now this would also update for everyone who's votes are tallied for him. So on their profiles it would say member of Yellow party.

    event : your "candidate" joins party / then : you join party

    event : you join party / then : add string(text) "Member of 'party name' " to profile.

    Now I need a few more advanced features, but they are un-important if none of this works. So first I need to know, which code would be best to set up all this. Then if anyone feels like helping me tackle this I need to know, otherwise I'll begin the slow process of learning what I need to know.

    thanks a lot in advance.

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    That would probaly be your best bet.

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    If you're looking for some help in this, PM me. I might have some options for you.


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