I'm not sure I can explain clearly, but here goes. I saw a web page with thumbnails and when you clicked the thumbnail it went to a browser window with just the larger image. [not a good option, that part, but that's not the question] Anyway, depending on the resolution the large image you got was a different size, at 800x600 resolution the large image showed as 600 +/- x 500 +/- not sure of the exact size. At 1024x768 resolution the image loads as 820 x 610 or so. I downloaded the image and the original image is 2000 something by 1500 something. Here is the thumbnail page.


I saw something in the source about
<!--webbot bot="PhotoAlbum" U-Include="photogallery/photo3010/real.htm" clientside TAG="BODY" startspan -->
Not sure if that has something to do with it. My question, is there any kind of viewer here, or someplace on the web [free, of course] which will size the image loaded from a thumbnail based on the user's resolution??

Thanks for any assistance.