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Thread: sending mms to phone via email

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    Exclamation sending mms to phone via email

    mods. sorry this is a double post can you move my post out of php? its not a script question so it should be in here. SORRY!

    does anyone know of wher i can find a script or know how to do this. what id like is to have a page with ringtones on it. the user clicks the radio button next to the ringtone they want then they enter there cell number and then a dropdown box of carriers. they choose there carrier and then submit and it sends via email to the phone number. any suggestions
    i would like to use a php page but if not whatever works for this

    also if thats not that easy how about a function that does this:
    form field to enter phone #
    ---send button---

    text in blue the user enters
    text in red is a dropdown box that populates the email address for Example:
    dropdown reads Verizonwireless but fills in the

    alot of info i know
    thanks everyone
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