just having an issue with Firefox.

i've got a website http://agspage.filetap.com. i've designed it using frames.

in IE, when someone wants to print a specific content site (for example, a recipe), they click on the browser's print preview, selec "all frames individually" or "only selected frame" and print only what they need (i haven't yet created a css, but i also have very little superfluous content. i WILL do a print.css, but one thing at a time, mkay?).

in FF, the only way it preview for print (that i can see) is to show all frames, and then when you try to get the content for the next page (say the content is long, as in my autobiography page), there is only one page with content and no more (or a blank second page). i know a way around that in FF is to right-click on the page of interest, chose "show only this page" or "open page in a new window/tab", but i don't trust that more than 10% of users will stumble on this feature (i know a LOT of not-so-computer-literate people).

i was thinking to put in a "print" icon in the corner of each page, so people can just print each page individually like that, but it seems non-sensical seeing as every browser HAS a print/rint preview option - just that FF doesn't do what i want it to! there must be a simpler way!

does any one know of a way to get around this FF bug? is it a bug? i don't want to get rid of my frames. is there a way to put frame choice *in* a print.css perhaps?? or must i use javascript (which i have no knowledge of)?

if a print icon in the orner of each content page is the only way to get around it, then fine. i'm happy with that - in which case can people please point me to a page describing an efficient method/code for this?

also, i've only tested my site in IE(6) and FF(2)... if anyone can see other bugs in the browser they are using, please let me know (i know opera has a lot of css-compliancy issues... i dread to see what it looks like in there!)

thanks in advance.