i am fairly new at java. can anyone help me with the button event. when someone clicks the button i need it to send the data to a php file and if the php file returns yes then the java redirects the page. is that possible?
all i have is(it is displayed 400 x 400 in the html file):
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.applet.*;     
public class login extends Applet
	public void init()
		nameField = new TextField();
		nameField.setBounds(200, 100, 100, 20);
		passField = new TextField();
		passField.setBounds(200, 160, 100, 20);
                login = new Button ("Login");
		login.setBounds(210, 220, 80, 20);
		add (login );  		
	public void paint (Graphics g)
		g.drawString("Name: ", 200, 95);
		g.drawString("Password: ", 200, 155);
	private TextField nameField;
	private Button login;
	private TextField passField;