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Thread: CSS Menu - Not Able to Click on items

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    Default CSS Menu - Not Able to Click on items

    I'm having an odd problem. The CSS menu script that I implemented works the first time I enter a page but after using the menu, some of the lower level items can not be clicked on..the menu clears as you get close.

    This is happening on the second level menus that come up...if the second menu has three items..when I try to mouseover to the last item on the list the menu dissappears.

    Development site is at

    Specifically, if I navigate from the top menu to Food then to Produce and try to get to Fruits, I can't click there.

    Any help on this?

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    It appears you have a different menu now??

    Either way, you have some JS errors that need to be tended too (I don't know what they are, it isn't playing well with my browser long enough for me to stay on site and look closer. I am afraid of getting a seizure.)

    But usually the problem is with the CSS "buttons" not being large enough, or coded incorrectly.
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