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Thread: does dynamic flash image display consume bandwidth?

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    Default does dynamic flash image display consume bandwidth?

    suppose I have a flash slider displaying 10 images as a slide show using dynamic flash. I mean the 10 images are not incorporated into the flash itself, but read from a subdirectory using dynamic flash. in static flash, the entire flash file of 200kb is downloaded to the pc and then displayed, so 200kb bandwidth is consumed. but in dynamic flash, the flash file is barely 1kb and the images are read from the subdirectory and displayed one by one. does this mean that bandwidth is constantly being consumed while the page is open. i hope my question is clear. please ask if clarification is required. thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

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    Bandwidth is being consumed. When the page is open, the 1kb is used, as the needs arises for the images, the PC must download those as well, either through Flash or other means it is still being downloaded.

    If you are trying to cut down on bandwidth usage, that isn't the way. Smaller file sizes on photos and the like will help. Give them less to download = less bandwidth.
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