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Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu (v2.01)

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So I was searching before posting and found that a couple of people had wanted to know if the Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu had an option to provide submenu's. Ex. using the example on the script url, mouseover "resources", mouseover "dynamic drive" and another menu pops out from the side.

So it's currently not possible without modifying the javacode I'm assuming. Since for the CSS you'd only have to do a little rewriting, just have the same type of style start at the start of "dynamic drive".

The Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu has a great CSS style and I don't want to switch. The feature would definately help to fully complete the Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu.

I would like to request this feature (submenu) for the next version or know if someone else has already typed one up or know if someone knew the modifications to be made to the javascript/CSS file.