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Thread: Do some websites just not work with frames or iframes

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    Default Do some websites just not work with frames or iframes

    This is kind of a different question but you people know a lot.

    We got an upgrade to Vista last week, so I figured great, we also got IE7.

    I had XP and IE7, and it worked fine. However our IT department has decreed for security reasons we cannot open more than one browser window at a time. I thought at first we were going to go to tabbed browsing like Firefox but that wasn't it.

    I work with accounting and when a customer disputes a charge, I would go to our bank, then I would open another window on IE and go to the company that processes the credit cards, and then I could jump back and forth between sites or minimize each window to half screen to compare side by side.

    So know I log into the bank site, then check, then of course I type the url of the credit card site in and go there, and check, but when I hit "back" on the browser to go back to the bank site, I'm logged out, and it's a pain.

    Since our Internet is unrestricted I figured OK I'll just write a webpage with frames, one frame for the bank site and one for the credit card site.

    I used the iframe code

    src =""
    <br /><br />
    src =""

    For some reason the credit card site overrides the iframe and takes up the whole page.

    I have tried the code with myspace, google, youtube, I can put as many iframes on as I want and it works fine. It works from that computer.

    So I tried using plain frames

    <frameset cols = "50%, 50%,">
    <frame src =" />
    <frame src ="" />

    Again the credit card site doesn't go into a frame it takes up the whole page.

    Again, it works with every other site I can think of. Both the credit card and the banksite are https but the banksite works fine, so that can't be it. Besides the login page to the credit card site is http (not https - once you're logged in it's https)

    So the question is, are some sites written so they can't be set into other people's frames or Iframes?

    If not any suggestions.

    And yes I have talked to the IT dept, they also took away our right click ablity so you can imagine how much fun using the Internet is...LOL

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    Yes, some website prevent themselves being contained in a frame. Unless you have access to those websites, which you don't of course, there's nothing you can do, as they just force their way out and display in the whole window.



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