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Thread: use .xml by itself or with other programming language

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    Default use .xml by itself or with other programming language

    I've just started learning/using xml/xlst and realized that .xml can be displayed/viewed properly with later browsers [together xlst].

    The question is, what's the common practice, do/can we just use .xml or do we incorporate xml with other language and have like .php, .asp...?


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    xml seems like a lot of hype about nothing.

    It's similar to html. <tag>content</tag>, and you can nest them, repeat them, and have attributes. Yep.

    So, it becomes an easy way for storing data. And it is used with other languages, sure.

    You basically must use it with another language, or you'd just stuck with xml text. xhtml specifically (aside from the fact that IE doesn't support it) can run by itself, I guess; and RSS feeds are entirely xml.

    Basically, you need some sort of framework that's expecting xml data.

    Just like a real database, it's just info stored logically. From that, you can do what you want with it, probably, yes, with another language.

    I know nothing of the specifics of ASP, but PHP has some built in functions (they seem overly complex to me, so I wrote a few of my own, which you could find by searching the forum), and with either language, you could certainly load the text as a string, then parse as you want.
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