I am looking for a script that can display rows and columns of image+text links horisontally within a frame or window, the same way icons gets ordered in a windows folder. That is: So that the number of image/text links per row changes to fit the horisontal size of the window when the user resize it.

The thing is that I have a popup window that looks like a windows folder, and I would like to populate it with links which looks like the regular icon representation; an icon image with a text (like a filename) underneath. But just like a regular windows folder I would like the links to automatically rearrange themselves with regards to number of rows per column, to adjust to the size of the "folder" (that is: window) if the user resize it.

Of course it would be no problem if it was only the icon images because then I could just place them next to each other in a long row, and then the browser would automatically break up the line depending on its size... But the catch is that I have to place a title text underneath each image. I can't do it with a little table because IE automatically makes a line-break after each table... - Maybe there is a way around that?

I haven't been able to find a script anywhere that can be used to present combined elements to fit the browser horisontal size in the way I just described. Maybe someone here can get some fun out of writing it?