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Thread: sized window and body height

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    Default sized window and body height

    i have a link that pops up window via a simple javascript that defines the height and width of the window. the page that appears in this window has the background-color defined in a css style sheet. however, if the contents of the page do not meet/exceed the height settings of the window, there is a white spot where the body tag of the page ends. i would like to keep the height settings as is, and have the background color applied to the entire document, not just the amount of space covered by the body tags. does that make sense? any ideas on how to do this?

    if my problem is a little unclear, if i were to add a paragraph after the last bit of content on my page, the background color would color the background of the paragraph, then the white spot would show up, as technically the body of the page has been closed and the window is just too big for the page. without getting stupid and putting a bunch of blank paragraphs down the length of the page, how can i get rid of this?

    i've tried finding an answer on the net, but this is a hard one to search for. also, i tried styling the body tag of the page with a css height tag. that didn't work, and actually produced really bizarre results that i don't fully understand. none the yahoo... it didn't work. any ideas?

    thanks for any help!!!

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    No links/screenshots for everyone too see the problem?


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