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Thread: Live Field Calculations

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    After attempting to bribe people to do this for me, I actually made some progress on my own:

    By god I am starting to actually understand this!

    There are a couple of things I am struggling with

    1. No matter which way I try, the calculations only work within the scope of a form. I'd like to use one form, but with lots of "calc" fieldsets

    2. I tried to use innerHTML and strong tags instead of inputs for the "each" fields, but cant get that working

    3. Totally lost on how to clone the entire table

    Any Ideas?

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    It is really a great script youhave evolved. May I seek one more conditional request to be added to this script.

    If there is one more drop down field with BOUGHT & SOLD as selections, and on selecting BOUGHT the existing script will work as it is and if SOLD is selected then a reverse calculation occurs ie. "cost-charge=loss" instead of "charge-cost=profit".

    At the same time it is desired to have the script separately without having in form action, since te form can also be used for some other action like to post the values in database.

    Thank you all great developers.
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