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Thread: Help with a range of cells

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    Angry Help with a range of cells

    1) Help with a range of cells

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    I have a range of numbers from 21900,19500,17700,17400,16800,15900. My challenge is to reduce these numbers proportionately so that the highest (21,900) becomes 1000 while the lowest (15,900) is 500? How can i do that in exel?

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    This is not the usual type of question we get here. Is this for a homework assignment?

    Edit: by the way, this can be done using some fairly simple algebra based on the MAX() and MIN() of that range.

    Edit 2: I was bored--

    The range is for cells A1 through A5-- change as needed.
    The red A1 must be updated for every cell you're using as an input-- I'm assuming you're copying these to B1, B2, etc.
    Be careful NOT to update the other values (as might automatically happen if you use the 'dragging' option in Excel to copy the formula to other cells). Just that one instance of "A1".

    (And I'll just hope this isn't a homework assignment.)
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