Hi I'm trying to change this script.
Right it seems reads DIV in array for each item.
so the html coding looks like that.
<div class="mainDiv" >
<div class="topItem" >Demo Menu 1</div>
<div class="dropMenu" ><!-- -->
<ul class="subMenu" style="display:inline;">
<li class="subItem"><a href="#">Configuration</a></li>
<li class="subItem"><a href="#">Tool Box</a></li>
<li class="subItem"><a href="#">Contact Us</a></li>
<li class="subItem"><a href="#">Sub Menu 4</a></li>
<li class="subItem"><a href="#">Sub Menu 5</a></li>

To get rid of the extra divs but seems I'm not getting no where.
Any help appriciated!

Best, DS