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    Default a:hover issues

    Hey there,

    I'm having issues with the a:hover instruction.

    I'll explain... I have a website that is made up of tables that load individual php pages t fill in the info.

    within these pages i want my links to react differently, however there seems to be a dominant force at work with the very first table's css a:hover instruction. it overwrites all the other ones ie. the first css for the first table on my page is taking responsibility for how all my other tables' links are viewed.

    basically i want them to highlight in different colors, instead of them all being the same.

    i have removed any body attributes that might have been over-ruling everything but nothing seems to be working. help!

    thank you in advance )

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    What's the code (or a link to your problem page) so that we may see what may be the issue at hand. Just off the top of my head though, are you using a:hover for all of your links, or is it separated by classes? Example:

    a.blah:hover {
    text-color: #000000;
    a.blahblah: hover {
    text-color: #EEEEEE;

    <a class="blah" href="test.php">This will be black when hovered</a>
    <a class="blahblah" href="test2.php">This will be light gray</a>
    Hope this helps.
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