Hello all,

I am a relative newb to JavaScript, and mainly work in PHP. I am looking for a script that finds all instances of a word, and automatically inserts a tooltip for that word. For example, the tooltip may say something like "A search Engine", and should appear when the user rolls over "Google" in my pages body text. Because there will be a lot of these, it should be able to receive and enter different tooltips.

The text does not have to be dynamically created, and ideally, I would like to call the script from within the HEAD section of my site, with a command similar to the following:

<script language="javascript">
doToolTip('word', 'tipTitle', 'tipText');

Any help with this project really would be appreciated. I have tried to modify a number of the "Highlight words with Javascript", but have limited or disappointing results. Ideally I would like the tooltips to show onClick, and be hidden onMouseout.

Thanks in advance,