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Thread: Flaming other members

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    Default Flaming other members

    Just to remind you about the rules here... especially this one:

    # 1.1) Always be respectful and polite when posting- There is absolutely no excuse to be rude, confrontational, or hostile when posting on Dynamic Drive. This is a place where web programmers come together to solve problems, not create them. Flaming can get you banned.
    That includes:
    you suck
    you idiot
    go lick something
    Flaming may cause you to be banned, depending on the seriousness of it.

    Note that flaming does not include constructive criticisms, 'cause people are just trying to help you improve.

    Dynamic Drive is meant to be a friendly place, so please keep it friendly for other members
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    In addition to this; if you are caught flaming another member of these forums, you will recieve an infraction (that, if you gain enough infraction points), could ban you from these forums altogether.
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