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Thread: Validation? Does this term mean I "need" others to like my site?

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    Default Validation? Does this term mean I "need" others to like my site?

    So with the needing validation joke aside...

    I've searched the forums and found many references to validating a page.

    I would like to know what validation of a page is, why one should do it, and a link to somewhere that I could learn how to do it.

    That would be swell, thanks ya'all

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    That's the url to the HTML validator and some information about what it is. Validation is mostly for accessibility between different browsers. If you have invalid code, then most likely it will look fine in one browser but completely screwed up in another. There is more detail and reason for this, but I'm not sure of any websites that could further explain this other than that posted above.

    Hope this helps.
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