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Thread: html source protector

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    Unhappy html source protector

    Could someone help me with a script cc source protection.
    Can't seem to find one easily. thanks

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    You can't protect your source code.
    the point of source code is that it is sent to the user, then used by the browser to render the page.
    You CAN'T not send that data if you want to send the page. The end.

    There are javascript-based html-source 'encryptors', but these are stupid because they rely on javascript and are easily decryptable (since they work for the browser and the decryption method is included in the script itself), and this just makes it annoying for some users, while anyone who would want to steal your source could still figure it out.

    Copyright protects your source to some degree. Aside from that, welcome to the internet, where everything is accessible to everyone.
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