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Thread: Ideas for E-commerce Site

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    Default Ideas for E-commerce Site

    Well let me try to explain this. I am working on a e-commerce site for a client using zen-cart. But thats not the problem. My problem is that he want his sites template setup kinda wierd. I think it can be done.

    If you have ever been to some kind of festival or something, and seen where someone has a booth to sell stuff and they have table with cd's, hats, necklaces, & etc. on a table in the front. And something like a long and tall metal stand behind them to hang t-shirts on. Thats is how this guy wants his template to be laid out.

    I can make this happen and look fairly good. But the thing that I am puzzled about is, for instance if he adds a shirt by himself to his site. wont he have to cut the shirt out of the picture?

    I hope everyone is still with me. If not ask me a question.

    I have also thought about having a blank t-shirt and instead he uploads what is on the shirt. eg: logo. And i'll have PHP fix it up and center it resize it and all that good stuff.

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    But anyways my question what are others opinion on this? Should I not do it this way?

    note: if you didnt get this from above this guy will be selling hats, beenie, shirts, cds, maybe skateboards, armbands, etc.

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    Clever. But what are you going to do if he wants a different color? In my experience, php imaging doesn't play nice when trying to change the colors of things . . . unless you use a php5 imagefilter colorize, which may or may not look exactly the way you want it to.


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