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Thread: Make A CD Open An Alert Box

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    Default Make A CD Open An Alert Box

    Hi all,

    I have a cd with images on it, when it's inserted into a users PC or Mac I want a warning to come up saying, "do you agree to the terms... etc" and they have to click ok, if they click 'No' the cd ejects...

    I have absolutely no idea if this is even possible, anyone know?


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    It's possible (at least on Windows), but also very bypassable. Windows has a feature called "autorun" which allows one to specify a program to run as soon as the CD is mounted. Google it.

    However, this won't work on anything other than Windows, as far as I know. It's a huge security risk (quod erat demonstradum by the Sony BMG rootkit) so no other operating system, as far as I'm aware, implements it. A lot of Windows users might have disabled this feature too, for the same reason. Also, even Windows users with it enabled can get around it by finding the drive and right-clicking it and choosing "open" rather than just double-clicking it, or by accessing it via DOS/cmd.
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